Summary of Health Guidelines for our Outdoor Services

We are seeking to comply with all applicable federal, state, and local directives and guidance, while aiming to provide a safe and healthy environment:

  1. Attendance will be limited to the number of participants that can fit safely in the assembly area of the courtyard, grouped by household, with at least six feet of separation between each household.  Space will be filled on a first-come, first-served basis.
  2. Please do not attend if you are sick, and please self-certify that you are healthy and free of COVID-19 symptoms prior to attending.  Symptom details can be found here:
  3. Individuals who are at increased risk of getting sick should not attend, as well as anyone who has any health concerns about attending in person at this time.
  4. Whenever possible, you should maintain a physical distance of at least six feet from people who are not a part of your household.
  5. State and County Facial Covering ordinances are in effect.  Facial coverings are not required outdoors when maintaining a six-foot separation from other households.  However, they are required when using the restrooms and please use them when moving around inside the assembly area of the courtyard as you walk to and from your designated seating area.  For more information, including about exemptions from the requirement for certain individuals, please refer to the state and county ordinances.  If you forget your mask or require one, a limited supply will be available.
  6. Offerings can be placed in the collection plates upon entering and exiting the courtyard.  No plates will be passed during the service.
  7. No shared items such as Hymnals or Pew Bibles will be available.  You are encouraged to bring your own as well as to print and bring your own bulletin. A limited supply of printed bulletins with the hymns will be available for those who need one.
  8. The courtyard entrance and exit will be through the double doors to the right of the normal main entrance into the building.  Whenever possible, traffic through this entrance/exit and adjoining corridor to the courtyard should be one-directional in nature (i.e. used as an entrance into the courtyard prior to the service, and used as an exit out of the courtyard after the service).  In the event of an emergency, the doors at each corner of the courtyard can be used as an emergency exit.
  9. Upon entering the courtyard, you will be directed to your seats.  While in attendance, please remain at your designated seats other than to use the restroom.  While you are free to visit with others from your designated seating area, please do not otherwise congregate in any other open spaces while within the assembly area of the courtyard.
  10. The children’s Sunday School classroom shall be reserved only for those children enrolled in the Children’s Sunday School Program and their Teacher, for a limit of 12 enrolled children in order to form a small stable group of children in a childcare setting.  No other visiting children or adults will be able to congregate in the Children Sunday School classroom at this time.
  11. If for whatever reason you are not able to comply with these guidelines, please make use of the online options for now.

For a more complete description of our safety protocols, please view our COVID-19 Site-Specific Protection Plan posted at our facility.